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Internet marketing in Bangkok & Thailand search engine marketing has been our specialty since 1997. Our web designs have always included our SEO Bangkok services & our Internet marketing has always been the foundation of our web development work.

Our Thailand search engine marketing starts before everything else. That empowers your Internet marketing strategy to dominate top search engine positioning for relevant search queries. Web site design based on search engine optimization service works. Check out this SEO Bangkok case study of the very competitive healthcare industry (no PPC used).

Here are the highlights:

  • from 113 to 28,492 unique visitors/month;
  • 252 TIMES more web traffic than their old PHP & FLASH site;
  • 245% more unique visitors/month at end of project than the project's first month;
  • 215,718 individuals attracted to the web site; and
  • 635,930 web pages read!
  • for about Baht 3 per visitor (US$.09) & slightly more than one Baht per page view ($.03).

“… but what SEO have you done LATELY?”   (click for 60+ examples of current #1 rankings)

Web site design services guided by our Internet marketing consultant produces a Thailand search engine marketing service that is state-of-the-art, “White Hat” & organic. We're an SEO company which has insisted for the past 13 years (before Google existed) that clients must include our SEO Bangkok service in their web development if they want Webmaster Resources ™ of Red Hare Communications ®, to help them. We accept clients worlwide who appreciate the synergy between SEO services and web site design services.
Internet Marketing Bangkok - 30 April 1999 SERP
Search Engine Optimization Bangkok - 5 May 1999 SERP

Webmaster Resources ™ is a Thailand search engine marketing firm that provides an affordable search engine optimization service for clients that need an Internet marketing solution with clear results. You can expect our SEO services & Internet marketing strategy to produce a web site that achieves top search engine positioning for relevant queries on the search engines.

Some "clear results" of our Internet marketing in Bangkok

Got millions of online competitors? Our SEO services offer hope you can be #1. We're the tried-and-proven SEO company with the web site Internet marketing solution that works. Our search engine optimization service will also make your site a Top Choice on the other global, regional and local search engines used for web search besides Google, Bing, Answers & Yahoo.

We answer important questions:

  • What Internet marketing strategy will work for you?
  • Is PPC search engine Internet marketing advisable?
  • Is organic search engine optimization the best internet marketing solution for you?
  • What SEO web design will work on most versions of most browsers & most operating systems?
  • What's the best web site design to avoid relying on Javascript and Flash and requiring visitors to change their computers to view your web site but still have a beautiful and friendly site?

Your Internet marketing consultant will be our Managing Webmaster and search engine optimization specialist. In addition to years of experience in both interactive multimedia and totally immersive virtual reality, he's an SEO consultant who draws on more than 35 years of experience in traditional publishing, advertising, news reporting, promotion, public relations, radio news, editing, layout, graphic design, photography, image editing, professional writing & professional web design.

We provide an assessment & analysis of your internet marketing strategy goals & current web site (if you have one), and that of your leading competitor for Thai Baht 5,000. It's an affordable search engine optimization first step.

You'll get frank, useful, honest advice from a seasoned search engine optimization specialist. There is no obligation to use our SEO services and you'll find it's worth many times the fee. Our advice will enable you to competently decide on the best web design and development and SEO services for your site.

Our web development team is usually fully-booked with long-term projects. We accept few new clients but continue to provide SEO services for implementation by the client or those they hire. Results take time to achieve so

Webmaster Resources was started in 1997 by Warner RothHaas Company in which Red Hare Communications owned a 50% stake. We acquired this domain 14 July 1998 to showcase our work. The Web Archive has examples of our site going back as far as 27 August 1999 when Red Hare Communications became sole proprietor.

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Bangkok Case Study

Thailand Search Engine Marketing Project


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