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updated 31 March 2007

Red Hare Communications (RHC) is an international e-commerce business based in Ohio, USA.

The Bangkok office of RHC acquires and ships high-quality Thai products to RHC customers worldwide.

The major divisions of work done by the RHC Bangkok office include:

· Marketing & sales;
· Production;
· Administration;
· Management;
· Customer service;
· Shipping;
· Business development.

Attributes and characteristics that are an advantage for any person applying to be a member of the RHC team include:

· Flexibility;
· Adaptability;
· Open mindedness;
· Immediate availability to start work;
· Reliability;
· High level of responsibility;
· Honesty;
· Punctuality;
· Persistence;
· Ability to concentrate when working;
· Diligence;
· Excellent health;
· Residence near the RHC office on Nawamin Road;
· Ability to work long hours on a computer;
· Willingness to work as long as it takes to finish the job.

Ability to use the following computer programmes, operating systems and hardware are a substantial advantage for any person applying to be a member of the RHC team.

· Photoshop 9, 10;
· HP Scanjet;
· Excel;
· McCaffee, Norton, BitDefender, Nod 32;
· Norton SystemWorks;
· Windows Explorer;
· Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Mozilla FireFox;
· FinePixViewer;
· Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0.2;
· Disk Image Pro;
· Nero 7;
· Eudora;
· Acrobat, Distiller;
· WS_FTP Pro;
· WinAVI Video Converter 7.5;
· TorPark;
· Geo Log Analyzer;
· ACDSee 9;
· GIF Movie Gear;
· PowerISO;
· PartitionMagic 8.0;
· WordPad;
· NotePad;
· MS Word;
· WinZip, WinRAR;
· GIF Movie Gear;
· EditPlus 2;
· Win 2000, WinXP; and
· LAN.

The activities of the RHC Bangkok office include the following and more:

  • Efficient and organized storage of documentation, including books; papers, electronic files and recorded CDs.
  • Use of ScanModule32 Version 2.37 via Photoshop to scan original images for printing and/or web creation.
  • Using Photoshop to resize, crop and edit scanned images for printing and/or web creation.
  • Printing transparencies and enlargements of paintings for our artists to use.
  • Changing or refilling inkjet printer cartridges when needed.
  • Keeping the inkjet printer’s head clean and aligned.
  • Adding “File Info” (using standard data format) to images using Photoshop.
  • Photographing paintings for customer approval.
  • Downloading photos from the digital camera to the RHC LAN using FinePixViewer.
  • Using Photoshop to resize, crop and edit digital photographs to send to customers for approval of paintings.
  • Interviewing new artists who apply to work for RHC.
  • Commissioning artists, choosing the best available painter for a particular job and negotiating the lowest price.
  • Assisting painters in properly using the overhead projector to do sketches;
    Receiving paintings from artists and storing them properly in the most appropriate place in the storage area.
  • Inspecting the size and quality of paintings submitted by painters and indicating improvements needed.
  • Recording all outgoing and incoming documents for painters.
  • Regularly running the appropriate computer maintenance programmes of Norton SystemWorks to kee all computers running at top speed and efficiency.
  • Creating new web pages using FrontPage and the templates provided.
  • Locating and hiring artists or other employees when RHC has a need for more, including writing and publishing advertisements in local newspapers and other appropriate locations.
  • Checking the post office box daily for mail.
  • Packing paintings for shipment abroad.
  • Completing airwaybills for shipment of paintings and silk.
  • Calculating framing costs and compiling framing quotations for customers.
  • Transporting paintings to the framing company for processing and bringing packaging back to RHC for additional use.
  • Paying utility and other bills at banks or other appropriate payment center.
  • Buying computer supplies, office supplies and packaging supplies when needed from Lotus, Phantip Plaza or other appropriate place when needed.
  • Cooperating with Khun Pranee in Chaiyaphum regarding silk orders.
  • Answering email inquiries from customers.
  • Negotiating relevant link exchanges with other web sites related to RHC sites.
  • Keeping the RHC working environment looking professional.
  • Answering phone calls.
  • Welcoming guests.
  • Issuing job applications and conducting interviews of job applicants.
  • Regularly transfering all files from computers RH5, RH4, RH3 and ADMIN to RH1 and organize for storage on CD-R.
  • Writing to CD-R files no long in use.
  • Printing labels for all new data CDs.
  • Using MS Access to add all new file names to the electronic file database.
  • Assisting the Director and/or Manager in researching: a) competition; b) pricing; c) new products; and d) new target customers.
  • Typing information about master images into the MS Access database RHC image archive.
  • Updating daily the Excel spreadsheet of current orders.


  • RHC provides a two-week "On-the-Job Training Programme".
  • An applicant who satisfactorily completes the Programme can expect long-term employment with RHC.
  • Staff are paid for the two-week "On-the-Job Training Programme" when they resign and at the rate of compensation they are receiving at that time.
  • Compensation for the training depends on: a) satisfactorily completing the probationary period of 120 days; and b) giving at least two weeks advance notice of your resignation so we have time to find a suitable replacement.
  • Working hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday thru Saturday.
  • After 5:30 pm team members can feel free to leave if there are no urgent work to complete.
  • Lunch is from noon to 1:00 am.
  • Compensation is paid on the last work day of each month.
  • Staff are personally responsible for taxes and social security payments.
  • Be punctual. Repeated tardiness will result in a fine.
  • Use of personal floppy disks, CDs or DVDs from outside the RHC office is strictly forbidden to prevent infecting the RHC network with viruses, worms, or Trojan horses.
  • It is forbidden to take any type of document, materials or property from the RHC office.
  • The phones of RHC are for business purposes only.
  • National holidays observed by the Bangkok RHC office are posted in the office.
  • RHC has a liberal dress code. However, all staff should keep one set of clean dress clothes at the office to be prepared for surprise visits by VIP guests.
  • Absence from work for any reason during the probationary period is likely to result in termination of employment and the loss of compensation for the on-the-job training period.
  • A resignation must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of departure. Failure to notify RHC in advance makes the person ineligible for a "Letter of Recommendation" and compensation for the on-the-job training period.

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