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In some categories, our search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing clients have millions of web sites competing with them for customers. Being listed on a search engine is of little benefit if your site is ranked somewhere between 11 and 29,000,000.

Few people look past the First 20 listed web sites. Many people look only at the Top 10. Recent research shows that in 2007 most people now look at only the Top Five. And of course, being listed among the top three results for a relevant search query is ideal. This is why effective search engine optimization must be incorporated into web design from the beginning.

Webmaster Resources ™ implements search engine optimization at every step of our web page design. In fact, before any designing begins we start with extensive and deep Internet marketing research. Then we apply the research when acquiring the most strategically beneficial domain for the web site.

Only after these foundation stages are complete do we start to design and build the web site using the market research to do so in a reliable and scientific way. We don't guess and we don't rely on our own ideas and opinions. For an overview, additional explanation and more information about SE, SEO, SEM, SERP and SES visit our Global Search Engines page.

Instead of general search engine optimization testimonials, below we offer some concrete examples of organic search engine optimization in action.


Piyavate Hospital

As a result, we can usually get our clients to the top of relevant search results within a reasonable amount of time. Piyavate Hospital ranked #1 & 2 for nearly two dozen strategic search phrases four days after their home page was launched. But we did nearly 400 pages of research over a four-month period prior to that plus months of painstaking design work.

It took nearly six months to achieve those supposedly “amazing” results, not what appeared to be only four days. Details of their initial rankings is available here, including their numerous #2, #3, #4 and more positions.


Masterpiece Paintings Gallery 

Sometimes a client can achieve #1 ranking in competitive categories for a period of time but then sinks lower without continuous robust search engine optimization. currently ranks #6 on Google for “oil painting reproduction” among 1.34 million competitors. Their position varies depending on the day, the search engine, the search phrase used and the data center accessed. But like most of our other clients, they usually rank on the first screen (Top 6) of search results for relevant queries at all times year-after-year. MPG ™ plans to invest in a new search engine optimization project in 2007.


The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic 

During the past decade, our SEO services & web site design services have achieved #1 search engine positioning for clients offering things as diverse as gems, golf tours, hotel accommodations and plastic surgery. Some clients have ranked on the first screen (Top 6) of search results for relevant queries for seven years such as the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic ™ because of good search engine optimization during web site design and construction but none since.

Dr. Somsak's clinic was #3 for “cosmetic surgery in Bangkok” for several years on MSN and Yahoo. The clinic is currently “only” #14 on Yahoo as a result of that initial investment in search engine optimization seven years ago and he's also “only” #14 on MSN Live Search.

But those two search engines together have a smaller share of total searches than Google and after all these years Dr. Somsak is still #6 on Google among 367,000 results in an extremely competitive industry. “White Hat” fundamental search engine optimization has produced positive results for a decade.


World of Thai Silk 

World of Thai Silk ™ was not the initial purpose for the domain but for the past seven years it has beent #1 (and is currently also #2) for “pure Thai silk”.It also ranks highly for other search phrases such as #2 & #3 for “Thai silk fabric” and #3 & #4 for "Thai silk".

In the past, they dominated most strategically important search terms in their industry but they have not invested in search engine optimization in recent years so have experienced some erosion in their rankings. But again, good, fundmental, “White Hat” search engine optimization and Internet marketing has achieved very satisfactory long-term results. They are currently developing some new product lines and will be starting a new search engine optimization project in the 2nd quarter of 2007.


Virtual Property Development

Webmaster Resources ™ owns several domains and we're looking for strategic partners to help us develop them. If you've got skills, ideas and/or capital to help develop these sites — contact us.



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It's hard to believe but people are still coming to our site for free MP3 music downloads. It's true that we tend to offer music that can be found in few other places but if you're really serious about downloading free MP3 music, or movies, or application programs, or games, or just about anything — get a BitTorrent client such as BitComet and learn how to download torrents.

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