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Global Search Engines & Directories

According to SearchEngineWatch and Assistant Professor Brian D. Davison, Ph.D., Lehigh University, the following were the most popular search engines used by web surfers. Just four years before this survey, MSN was the global leader. Since the survey, Google has blown everyone else out of the water, Yahoo has sought refuge with Microsoft, and Bing is the new kid on the block and making inroads into Google's market share.

Lower down this page are links to the leading search engines and many others. We haven't carefully checked this list for quite some time so some of these companies may have gone out of business or been gobbled up by others. In those cases, you'll probably be redirected to the big fish that swallowed the little one. But basically, you MUST please Google to survive online and all the other SEs put together could not hope to save your online enterprise if you get blacklisted by Google. (continued below charts)

Search engine market share as per Assistant Professor Brian D. Davison, Ph.D., Lehigh University

SEO Tip: The more you learn about search engines, how they think and work, and organic search engine optimization the better you'll be able to optimize your web design — or judge how well (or badly) others are doing it for you. Pay-per-click (PPC) is the refuge of those unable to rank well because it is deserved because you have valuable content that is in demand.

SEO Tip: I recommend you learn enough about search engine marketing so that you can develop your own informed opinion about whether the proposed Internet marketing plan of your SEO consultant is truly relevant to the strategically important words and phrases related to your web site's theme. (They sat down with you first and carefully determined your site's theme, right?) And determining your strategic keywords does not tell you which ones indicate "commercial intent" by someone ready to pull money out of their wallet and buy your product. Traffic itself is quite meaningless if the visitors are not pre-qualified by your SEO and your strategic keywords are not the ones used by buyers.

If you want to know more about search engine optimization, The University of California at Berkeley is a good place to start. This is some of the little good advice out there available free. Valuable advice costs and I have found you get what you pay for (more often than not).

SEO Tip: Good search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine marketing (SEM) are difficult, VERY time-consuming, and extremely dynamic. I recommend you use the services of a highly-qualified internet marketing consultant regardless of whether you choose Webmaster Resources ™ search engine marketing or an alternative. See our SEO News page for a periodic review of our SEO services results. 2010 examples might be posted soon but we are able to accept very few new clients and don't actually even have time to talk about and show results because we are so busy getting the results.

Another source of more info about current leaders among the search engines is available from HTMLSource. Ross Shannon would probably be a good choice for designing and building your web site with SEO included. How can you know if he's the real deal? Look at that web page's 4/10 Google PageRank (PR). Not the rank of the page and, sorry, don't have time to explain here. Google it.

Finally, acronyms can be bewildering and even confusing. And sometimes we forget that technical terms we use may not be familiar to our visitors. A fairly useful although incomplete and slightly out of date glossary of Internet terms has been compiled by Matisse Enzer. I'll expand a few acronyms and definitions in more detail below.

What is SE? SE means Search Engine but you probably figured that out yourself. I like it because it's 85% shorter and faster than “search engine”.

What is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization (USA) a.k.a. Search Engine Optimisation (UK) a.k.a. Search Engine Optimizer (expert or specialist consultant person or company). The Italians expand SEO into “Ottimizzazione per motori di ricerca” and the Germans expand it into “Suchmaschinen-optimierung”.

What is SEM? SEM means Search Engine Marketing a.k.a. Search Engine Management (less popular term). The Italians expand SEM into “acronimo di”, in German it's “Suchmaschinen marketing” and the Hungarian's call it “Keresõmarketing”.

What is SEP? SEP means Search Engine Positioning a.k.a. Search Engine Position. But why use jargon when two characters give you much more info, such as #1 or #3? No explanation needed. International language. If you are not on the first screen of Google search results (top five) your SEO needs improvement. And if you are not on the first page (Top 10), your SEO is a failure.

What is SERP? SERP or SERPs means Search Engine Results Page a.k.a. Search Engine Results. A useful time-saver and space-saver term when discussing or reporting SEO and SEM. Personally, I just use RESULTS or RANKINGS. It's what Google returns when you ask it a question. In October 2010, the entire concept of rankings was revolutionized by Google Instant.

What is SES? SES means Search Engine Strategy a.k.a. Search Engine Strategies, a famous, travelling trade show popularized by Danny Sullivan, formerly of SeachEngineWatch, (e.g.: SES Chicago 2004) where SEO experts, SEO specialists, SEO consultants and SEO gurus train and teach and exchange info regarding search engines. Don't confuse it with “Special Event Showcase”. The most qualified people I know NEVER go to or appear at these events. Selah. Final Free Tip: You should probably NEVER use any software application to directly assist your SEO efforts instead of using the services of a quaified and experienced specialist.

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